Summer Beads

With summer finally here in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland our thoughts turn to lighter and brighter colors of beads. Gone are the dark, muted, heavy colours of winter. In with the cheery fresh colours of spring and summer. With that in mind we present:


Loose Assorted Handmade Indian beads TPM-453

These beads range in size from 8mm to 15mm and are sold in 100g bags for $6.45



light aqua translucent glass

These beads come in round 4mm, 6mm, 8mm as well as 10mm. They also come in cube shapes – 4mm and 8mm. Colors include blue, sky blue as well as light aqua. The price for the above 6mm beads is $2.95 for a 16″ strand of approximately 65 beads.


New! Howlite Turquoise Pendant


One of our many pendants. Check back frequently –  more uploaded every week. For more, see pendants.


Mahogany Obsidian Set #1

Each of these beads can be bought separately. See Mahogany Obsidian Pendant and 12mm Round Mahogany Obsidian


Just Listed! Carnelian/Korean Jade Set

korean-jade-set-1 (1)


Each of these beads can be bought separately. See Korean Jade and Green Carnelian Donut


New Druzy!


Amazonite Druzy

According to Wikipedia “druzy is a coating of fine crystals on a rock fracture surface, vein or within a vug or geode.”

A rock is cut in half and crystals are seen on the inside creating a beautiful surface.

What is druzy?

Check back later for more druzy.


Glass and Crystal

With crystal you can add sparkle to any project. Now, we wouldn’t necessarily put crystal with gemstones or semi-precious gemstones but crystal with glass would liven up any project.


From top to bottom we have:

colbalt blue crystal
blue translucent glass cube
indian foil center flat ended blue oval
6mm round millifiori blue with yellow flower


set-blue-crystal-millefiori-glass (3)


set-blue-crystal-millefiori-glass (2)


set-blue-crystal-millefiori-glass (4)



set-blue-crystal-millefiori-glass (1)


Bloodstone Quartz

Today we have paired our #507 African Bloodstone pendant with 7mm coral. Even though the reds are not exactly the same they do go well with each other.


Alternately, we could put our pendant with 10mm round red jasper as well as with a strand of african bloodstone 16mm puffed coin. The red of the blood stone is almost exactly that of the red jasper.





Last time we showed you what you could do with one of our pendants by pairing it with flat puffed squares and with a strand of pearls. Today we will give you other options to consider.



plume jasper pendant #506

Pendant #506 with 8mm Round Red Jasper


Here we have paired our #506 Plume Jasper Pendant with 8mm round Red Aventurine


With Red Botswana – 8mm round


With 4mm Round Red Marble Jade




With Coral Fossil (also known as “Daisy Stone”)


Light Mauve 8x8mm Crystal Cube


6mm Round Sardonyx


With Plume Jasper Rectangles (Flower Jasper)


With 8mm Round Brown Botswana



With 6mm Round Brown Botswana


New Pendant Set!

Many of our pendants have strands of beads to match. Since each of our pendants are unique you have the opportunity to create a “one of a kind creation”.  Here, we have our Plume Jasper (also known as Flower Jasper) paired with a strand of our 25mm “Flat Puffed Squares” and our diamond shaped silver pearls.



Individually sold the total of these beads would be $31.55 but we have lowered the price to $28.95 when sold as a set.  As always, these items are available individually.


$16.65 – 25x25mm Flat Puffed Square Plume Jasper


$8.40 – 7x13mm Flat Diamond Silver Metalic Pearls



$6.50 – #506 Plume Jasper Pendant


$3.95 – 4mm Round Onyx – 100 beads

Add 4mm onyx and watch your creation “pop!”


Newly Revised Listing – See our Lizardite Jasper!

Lizardite Jasper (also known as Lizard Skin) is a beautiful olive colored stone. Black flecks richly enhance its coloring. Stones are beautifully polished and smooth.