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Everything Green


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The Ides of March (March 15) and St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) are just around the corner.  While one is undeniably unhappy the other is cause for celebration. Celebrate we must!

We want you to know that we have a lot of green beads in stock. By typing the word “green” into the quick search box, 189 items are listed. (Click “Shop Online!” above and a new window opens. On the left is the “quick search” box. Type in green.) These results include stones, glass beads, cord and crystal as well as many other green items.

But don’t stop there! We have many other beads that are green but do not have “green” in their descriptions. These can be found by going to the “Gemstone” window and searching all the categories of our gemstones. Again, click “Shop Online!” above and a new window opens. On the left click on “Gemstone Beads.”

There you will find jade nuggets: These BC jade nuggets are un-drilled and do not have holes. You will have to drill your own or else use your wire wrapping techniques in order to mount these stones. One pound sells for $12.65CAD.


We also have tree agate

These are green and white large irregular nuggets (16 x 18mm) and sell for $7.65 – a 16″ strand of approximately 20 stone beads. They are drilled and have holes.DSC02498

Perhaps the best green we have for St. Patrick’s Day is reflected in our green crystal.  $4.55 for approximately 100 crystal beads – 4mm

citrine-bi-cone-crystal 019 (2)

You can always type in “green crystal” in the “quick search” box and at least 27 different green crystals will show up. Try any other color and you will get similar results!

Go for the green!