Volcanic Lava Rock – Just Listed

volcanic lava rock

Volcanic Lava Rock




Volcanic lava rock – Flat Puffed Square


Volcanic Lava Rock – Teardrop


Volcanic Lava Rock – Large Flat Puffed Oval 


Volcanic Lava Rock - Medium Flat Puffed Oval

Volcanic Lava Stone

Volcanic Lava Rock – Hexagon Tube


New Pendants Just Added!


Pendant #431 – African Bloodstone  $6.50


Pendant #432 – Unikite  $6.50



Pendant #433 – African Bloodstone  $6.50




Pony Bead Clearance!

Dear Customer,

We are in the process of clearing out the remainder of our standard
plastic pony beads. We thought you may be interested in our lower price
of $2.75/bag (1000 beads). As always, free shipping on pony bead orders over $100. (37 bags will get you free shipping)

All other beads: shipping is free over $50.

Dark Turquoise
Lt. Turquoise
Hunter Green

Kathryn Anstey 


Pink plastic pony beads

Pink plastic pony beads



Mexican Crazy Lace Agate

We’ve got some new pendants online. The latest is the Mexican Crazy Lace. To go with the pendants we have all sizes of smaller beads/stones to make up and finish your necklace.

Pendant #416 - $6.50

Pendant #416 – $6.50

Beads Vancouver beads gemstones


Newly Updated! Woodstone (Mahogany Jasper)

See our newly Updated Mahogany Jasper (Also known as Woodstone)

Mahogany Puffed Oval 18x25mm

Mahogany Puffed Oval 18x25mm




New Pendants!

Check out our just added pendants! $6.50 to $7.50 with a retail value of $19.95.  Each piece is unique and one of a kind. When it’s sold, that’s it.


FREE SHIPPING! on Orders Over $50!

Orders over $50 now qualify for free shipping.  Some exceptions apply.
Flower Jasper (Plume)

flower plume jasper beads

There will now be free shipping on orders over $50! This is for the continental US and Canadian orders only and does not apply to Pony Beads, e-beads  or Seed Beads. The minimum for free shipping on pony beads, e-beads and seed beads will continue to be $100.

For orders less than $50, these approximate rates apply:

Shipping within Canada – one item:  $4 (except pony beads, e-beads and seed beads – regional shipping rates apply)

Shipping within Canada – two to five items:  (see above for pony beads. e-beads and seed beads)

BC Lower Mainland – $8

Alberta – $9

Sask – $10

Manitoba -$12

Ontario – $15

Quebec – $13

All other provinces – $17

PLUS – there is a 10% discount on orders over $300.

Shipping on orders over $50 is free within Canada and the US.  When you place an order we get back to you with shipping costs. Then, and only then, you can choose to pay or not. Generally, shipping to the US starts at $4 for small, light, flat items less than 15mm thick and weighing less than 200g.

textured beads

Contact us:

[email protected]


Amazing Glass Bead Sale! $72.50! (Shipping Allowance does not Apply).

Amazing Glass Bead Bonanza 100 Strands

Quantity: 100 – 16″ strands of assorted Glass Beads

Crackle - 2 Strands

Cracked Beads

Confetti - 30 Strands

Confetti beads

Two-tone Rainbow - 6 Strands

Two-tone Rainbow beads

Millefiori - Flat Disc - 6 Strands

Flat Millefiori beads

6mm and 8mm Millefiori - 10 Strands each

 Millefiori Beads

Gun Metal Oil Slick - 10 Strands

Oil Slick beads

Antique Cracked - 4 Strands

Antique Cracked beads

Hound's Tooth - 5 Strands

Hounds-tooth beads

Cat Eye Chip - 3 Strands

Cat Eye Chip

Foil Centre - 8 Strands

Foil Center

 Size: 6mm to 14mm Color: Assorted and varied

This amazing offer is worth over $450.00 wholesale. We offer it to you for a limited time.

You will receive 100 strands of glass beads.
All are 16″ strands.
All for $72.50!

That’s less than $0.73 a strand!

Shipping freight allowance does not apply to this already fantastic deal.

30 – 8mm Confetti Beads assorted colors
10 – Gun Metal Oil Slick Beads (8-12mm)
4 – Antique Cracked Beads (6-12mm)
5 – Houndstooth Beads (6-8mm)
14 – Indian Foil-centered Beads (8-14mm)
2 – 10mm Crackle Beads
6 – 10mm Two-tone Rainbow Beads
3 – Cat Eye Chip Beads
10 – 8mm Millefiori Beads
10 – 6mm Millefiori Beads
6 – 8 x 4mm Millefiori Disc Beads

This offer is really too good to pass up!

amazing glass bead mix


Sodalite and Amethyst

Faceted Football Sodalite


Amethyst Nuggets



Newly Updated! Mexican Crazy Lace Agate

To help you: 100mm = 4 inches.

Mexican Crazy Lace Agate - Flat Puffed Oval 20 x 40mm

See our Mexican Crazy Lace Agate. This is a beautifully polished stone – smooth and finely crafted.  This strand has beads that are 20 x 40mm.